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We want Holly Springs to grow in a balanced way that keeps its small-town feel. To do this, we'll make our town better by improving roads and buildings, following certain design rules for how things look, and making sure there are enough parks and places to play. We'll help the town get better while letting builders make nice homes and places to live.


I plan to work on ways to make traffic smoother and help people get around. This means making traffic lights work together, integrating computers into traffic systems, and finding creative ways to manage the growing traffic on our roads.

Small Business Owner Expansion

We want our Holly Springs small businesses to do even better. I support reducing burdens for small businesses, and I will work tirelessly to help recruit small businesses to our town. In Holly Springs and in neighboring counties, we will support charity drives and non-profits such as the “Holly Springs Small Business Owner Collective.”  We will promote Holly Springs, a caring town that welcomes everyone to explore our eclectic services.

Support Holly Springs Police

It is important that, as a community, we are involved in reducing crime.  We do this by promoting community policing and neighborhood watch programs, providing youth engagement activities and workshops, and partnering with local businesses for enhanced security.

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